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Why join WMLF?

Picture a league in which every team is prospering. Win, lose, or draw these teams are making income. They have players being seen by leagues in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. The coaches are moving into highly paid positions in high school, college, and even some pro teams. Imagine that the league champions pull in a cool 20% of league take every time they win that big game.(If we reach our goal of five teams or more in every state this amount could reach $20,000) This is the future of World Minor League Football. A league built on business first football second.

We are looking for teams with the same frame of mind. Do you want your team to win, but have to fold the following year because they don’t have the funds to survive the next season? There are teams in every minor and semi pro league that this happens to. These teams reach the pinnacle of football prowess yet they can’t get people into the stands, and sponsors to keep the team going. We here at WMLFB think this is the saddest truth of football under college and pro ranks. We plan to change that.

The first season of WMLF will be a vitally important one. We have to build a team that is successful ourselves and to do that we need teams that take things seriously as well. Our training program will be untouchable by other leagues because one we will actually do it, and two it will be the most comprehensive you will find in this realm of football. We want to teach selling 101, business management, management of people, incorporating your business for cheap. We have it set up so that you will be able to contact agencies and get free business mentoring whenever you have a problem. Our profit sharing plan will be something that will also be a big component of our business as well as yours. Profit sharing will allow us to give your team a percentage of everything the league makes at the end of the year in the form of bonus like payouts. So the more professional your business is the more ours is and the higher payout you stand the chance of receiving.

Ultimately you can make your choice on what you want. In fact you can go out and start your own league and try it yourself. We are here, we have the platform built for you to prosper off of, the time to jump on board is now. What are you waiting for? Visit the website and contact us with any questions or concerns today.

Think Different, Play Different, Be Great with WMLF!


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