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The East Georgia Teams Joins the WMLF Fa

The East Georgia Teams Joins the WMLF Family!
February 26, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – As most of the USA was getting prepared to go to bed to rest their biological batteries; WMLF was working on securing not one, but two semi-pro football teams in the East Georgia area to bolster the expanding Southeast region of World Minor League Football!
“When we say we don’t sleep, we here at WMLF do not sleep! This is a very exciting time for us all as we’re rapidly approaching the application deadline to join WMLF, which is May 1st for all that’s interested. Bobby Dammarell is a very dedicated owner that will do what it takes to make sure that both of his teams are successful both on and off the field,” Commissioner Dickerman exclaimed.
As stated earlier, Bobby Dammarell owns both the teams entering the league this fall. Those teams are the East Georgia Cowboys and the East Georgia Rebels. The Rebels is coming off a very successful season in which they won the Southeastern Independent Football League Championship while this is the inaugural season for the Eastern Georgia Cowboys.
When asked about his decision to have both of his teams join World Minor League Football, Bobby Dammarell didn’t mince his words, “The Eastern Georgia Rebels have played in three different leagues in three years due to the lack of structure and organization. There were many times that teams had to pay out a lot of money to have a home game in which the opposing team would forfeit. There are other leagues in which the President or Commissioner have teams of their own in the league and would do what it takes to make sure they went all the way! I can proudly say that after talking to several officials with WMLF, that is not going to happen and I look forward to the competition not only in the Southeastern Region, but the entire WMLF League!”
With the May 1st application rapidly approaching, any interested teams can contact either Deputy Commissioner Pinckney at or Director of Expansion and Acquisition, Matt Hill at You can also logon to the official website of WMLF at and fill out the team application there or to get more information on the league and its member teams.


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