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Appleton Knights First Team in North Mid

Appleton Knights First Team in North Midwest To Join WMLF
February 28, 2013. Appleton, Wisconsin – In what is being billed as a frenzied day within the confines of the budding semi-pro football league named World Minor League Football, another wondrous announcement has been made when the Director of Operations of WMLF North Midwest announced that the Appleton Knights are going to be participating in the fall league.
“I am excited to be involved in such a great organization. I think that once teams see the great leadership this league has and the future vision it presents, more and more teams will want to be a part of the family!” Matt Hill said with excitement!
“In the short time that he has been a director for our family, Matt Hill has showed that he doesn’t lead by just his words, but his action. When he says he’s going to do something, you better believe that he’s going to do it. That is the kind of leadership that our family looks forward to!” Deputy Commissioner Leroy Pinckney Jr. said.
The Knights become the first team in the North Midwest region to join the league and are looking forward to more teams in the area to join the blossoming league as word spreads across the country of how the league is helping teams out.
“Like we keep saying, we’re not just a league. We’re a family. That was the main point for me bringing the Knights into the league. The teams will go at each other on the field, but we’re all family. I am honored to be a part of this organization!”
The league deadline is rapidly approaching. For more information about the league, check out the official website of WMLF by logging on to


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