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Tampa Bay Tigers Roar Into World Minor L

Tampa Bay Tigers Roar Into World Minor League Football
March 2, 2013. Tampa Bay, Florida – While most of the US was still asleep at 7AM Eastern time, Director of Expansion, Matt Hill was hard at work signing the newest team to the WMLF Family: The Tampa Bay Tigers.
“When we say we work for our teams 24/7, we really mean we work for our teams 24/7!” WMLF Director of Expansion, Matt Hill said with excitement. “Sure it’s like 6AM over here in Wisconsin, but when you’re with WMLF, things don’t stop! We gotta keep working and the Tampa Bay Tigers already have shown us that they’re dedicated to playing fall ball with WMLF!”
The Tampa Bay Tigers organization are entering their 10th year of existence and have a veteran owner in Tom Green who has been in the semi-pro/minor league football business for 13 years himself.
“When it comes down to it, we wanted to be a part of a league that looks after its players and teams and not themselves. From what I have gathered about the league is that they’re all about family and that is something the Tampa Bay Tigers want to be a part of!” exclaimed Tom Green.
“Words can’t express how happy I am to have this team in our WMLF Family now,” Commissioner Dickerman started. “This is a franchise that has weathered through tough times and won championships in various leagues. Now they’re here in WMLF and we’re looking forward to having some great games with them as well as all our teams!”
With the league growing by leaps and bounds, rumors are starting to circulate that there’s another big announcement coming from the league any day now. To stay abreast on all things WMLF, be sure to log on to their website, to see what’s happening!


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