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March 1, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – To keep up with the trend of keeping busy, World Minor League Football just pulled off an unthinkable move in the world of minor league/semi-professional football. After talks with NFL-European veteran Heintz Quast, World Minor League Football is expanding its operations beyond US soil. WMLF Europe is open for business!
“This is a big day for us in the WMLF offices as this deal is being closed. Heinz Quast is a champion Euro American football player with not only a thirst for American football, but a hunger for our brand of football! He’s going to be a perfect fit as the Director of Operations for WMLF Europe!” Commissioner Dickerman announced to the WMLF Board of Directors shortly after a meeting with the former NFL Europe Champion.
Heinz Quast played in the now defunct NFL-Europe league and was on the Championship Berlin Thunder during their 2004 season. Heinz played on the 2004 team and was the #1 kicker in the league that year, on his way to being the only Danish born player to play and win a championship in NFL-Europe, Heinz Quast has played soccer at different levels as well as having tried out for teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears at the placekicker position.
When asked why he joined WMLF as the European Director of Operations, Heinz could barely contain his excitement and joy. “The European players need a goal to look towards and achieve it. If they have a dream to play in college or the pro levels of leagues such as the NFL, they can learn from WMLF. I have to say that the US doesn’t know how much talent is really over here in Europe, and with WMLF we will be able to not only educate the rest of the world on American football, but put the spotlight on players right here in Europe that play hard! My personal motto is If You Can Dream It…You Can Do It! And I am here to make sure that our European players’ dreams are achieved!”
With the announcement of WMLF-Europe now official, Mr. Quast will be busy recruiting teams as well as putting a staff together for WMLF-Europe. For more information about this and all things WMLF check out the official WMLF website at


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