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East Georgia Rebels Top WMLF Preseason R

East Georgia Rebels Top WMLF Preseason Rankings
March 10, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – Right before the nation sprung an hour ahead, Commissioner TJ Dickerman released WMLF’s Preseason Rankings. The Top 10 teams are as follows:

1.East Georgia Rebels
2.Charleston Blazing Hawks
3.El Paso Seminoles
4.Appleton Knights
5.Central Maryland Falcons
6.South Jersey Tigers
7.Northern Oklahoma Ruffnecks
8.Philly Panthers
9.Irving Ravens
10.Tennessee Honey Badgers
“As some of these teams go about training camps and spring football season in other leagues, these rankings will change. I’m VERY excited about these rankings and the response from some teams is VERY positive! One team is aiming at some teams in the top ten and is looking forward to the season starting up!” Commissioner Dickerman stated.
East Georgia Rebels having won their league championship last season with SIFL are the favorites in WMLF and have that bull’s eye on their back. Something that they’re looking forward to.
To keep tabs on the rankings and all things WMLF go to the official website


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