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Global Gridiron Scouting and WMLF Partne

Global Gridiron Scouting and WMLF Partners Up For WMLF Europe
March 15, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – Just weeks after announcing that WMLF will have a European presence in WMLF Europe, the upstart professional minor league has announced that Global Gridiron Scouting will be working with World Minor League Football Europe in getting players across the pond and beyond the exposure that they’re looking for.
“This is going to be a major move in helping the formation of WMLF Europe. One of the biggest things that football players in Europe want more than anything is exposure outside of Europe and Ian Ellis and his company has showed that they want to help our European players gain the exposure that they want, need and deserve,” Commissioner Dickerman exclaimed.
“We are extremely excited to work with WMFL in all markets and feel we could help the league massively in European market as I have been involved personally with European football for 30 years!” Ian Ellis said in a statement.
Global Gridiron Scouting scouts players from all levels ranging from college to semi-pro to the pro level, placing players in databases and help them in gaining exposure. With the popularity of American football gaining steam over in Europe, Global Gridiron Scouting and WMLF is looking to help spread the culture as well as educate fans, players, coaches and potential team owners about American football.
“As Commissioner Dickerman stated, Global Gridiron Scouting really specializes in scouting and getting exposure with international players, and with the formation of WMLF Europe they are going to have their hands full with them and we know that they are more than happy to work with us and WMLF Europe! This is a very exciting time not just for WMLF, but for all those that play American football outside of the US!” Deputy Commissioner Leroy Pinckney Jr. stated.
To learn more about Global Gridiron Scouting log on to their website at and to keep up with WMLF log on to the official website at


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