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Starting in the spring of 2014, World Mi

Starting in the spring of 2014, World Minor League Football will also be operating as a spring football league to go along with their fall football league.

“Doing this gives our fall league teams a chance to play football virtually year round. This is done to help teams build their brands and continue to gain exposure,” Commissioner Dickerman started. “Many teams around the country have already inquired about playing spring football with World Minor League Football and after talking to several of our family team members and the WMLF Board of Directors, we are very excited to announce that WMLF will indeed have a spring league in 2014!”

A date as to when in 2014 WorldMinor Leaguefootball Spring would begin has yet been determined by Commissioner Dickerman and the Board of Directors. Word is circulating that there may be a Spring Champion vs. Fall Champion down the road as well. WMLF has been very busy as of late with the addition of WMLF Europe and now the formation of WMLF Spring. To inquire more information about WMLF Fall, WMLF Spring or WMLF Europe you can email Matt Hill (Director of Expansion) at or Leroy Pinckney Jr. (Deputy Commissioner of WMLF) at or log on to the official site of WMLF at


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