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William White Named Director of Operatio

William White Named Director of Operations For WMLF in the UK
March 15, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – In an announcement that has the WMLF Offices abuzz today, Commissioner TJ Dickerman announced that William White is being named the Director of Operations for the UK.
“Words can’t express just how excited we are to bring William on board as the Director of Operations for the United Kingdom,” Commissioner Dickerman started. “Mr. White has showed that he’s a go-getter and he understands the goals that we have here in WMLF.”
William White is also the owner of the Peterborough Saxons and isn’t a stranger to American football as he’s originally from Birmingham, Alabama. He’s been involved with American football for the better part of 30 years and is always eager to learn more about not only the game but the business side of football.
William had this to say about the position. “The reason I jumped on board with WMLF is I saw their vision & passion for football worldwide so it made my choice easy to join them and help change the landscape of American football worldwide by delivering some great on and off the field action while giving young men opportunities to live their dream.”
“We know that he’s been in contact with several teams in the UK and have some plans for a lot of things for that region over there and we over here in the US are VERY excited!!!” Commissioner Dickerman added.
To be up to date on what is happening in WMLF, log on to the official WMLF site,


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