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Second history lesson for all the money

Second history lesson for all the money mongers out there in the world! It isn’t all about money… Its about a dream, know-how, and hard work. Sit back and read you just may get a little knowledge about money not being the end all to be all.

Apple INC.- Most remember the scene in Forest Gump when he explains that he never has to worry about money again because of his investment in the fruit company called “Apple.” Well the truth is that for many investors this was the case. Like many tech companies, Apple started in the garage of a young man by the name of Steve Wozniack. Wozniack was an electronics hacker, and he and his long time friend Steve Jobs had this idea to create a personal computer. In 1976, the two approached a local electronics store to see if they would be interested in buying a personal computer that Wozniack had built. The owner of the store became interested and said he wanted 50 units. Wozniack and Jobs, both penniless at the time, went to a local computer parts supplier and ordered the parts on credit, based on their first purchase order. This was the start of Apple. Though the company has had its ups and downs in its 30-year history, Apple has proven to be the company that produces the industry standard time and time again. From the garage of Steve Wozniack to being ranked 103 on the Fortune 500, Apple continues to grow and prove to be a wise investment for those looking to expand their portfolios to include “fruit companies.”


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