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A New Team In Texas Promises To KRUSH Th

A New Team In Texas Promises To KRUSH The Competition in WMLF
March 22, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – Deep in the heart of Texas, World Minor League Football welcomes its newest family member when JT Daniels, owner of the Texas Krush, signed to be a part of the fastest growing minor league football organization in the world.
“Another team to help bolster the Southwestern Region of WMLF,” Commissioner Dickerman stated. “We entered the month of March like a lion and we’re about to exit it the same way! Exciting times continue to mount up for us here in World Minor League Football!”
When asked about why he chose to have his team in WMLF, JT Daniels had this to say, “I had a good talk at length with Director of Expansion, Matt Hill. WMLF’s vision to take teams to that next level and treat everyone like family was the selling point to us! Any organization that is about changing the culture of semi-pro football in a positive manner and cares for each team like family is truly an organization I want to be a part of!”
With the addition of the Dallas-Fort Worth area based Texas Krush, Texas is quickly growing in WMLF with rumors of other Texas teams joining the Irving Ravens, Texas Nightmare and the Pre-Season #3 Ranked El Paso Seminoles. Texas looks to continue to be known throughout the US as a hotbed for football!
With the deadline to apply for membership in WMLF quickly approaching, there is still time for teams to “JOIN THE REVOLUTION” and come on board the freight train that is WMLF. To apply to be a part of WMLF simply log on to the official website,, and fill out the application or contact Director of Expansion, Matt Hill at or Deputy Commissioner Leroy Pinckney Jr. at WMLF’s inaugural season kicks off on August 5, 2013!


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