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When you visit World Minor League Footba

When you visit World Minor League Football’s website there are a few different things you can do! Visit our Board of Directors page and see who is a part of helping your teams and this league reach the pinnacle. You can visit the WMLF Brand Clothing shop while on there for clothing for daily use not just a WMLF logo! As a player you can visit the player page and check out our links for you, whether you are a player in our league or outside these resources are meant to help you go further in your playing career! If you are a team within the league or an interested team you can hover over our home page button and see the preseason rankings which will be updated soon! If you go to our WMLF Teams page you can see our teams and where they are located on the map! If you hover over the teams link you can see our individual team sites and move about them within our site. There are a lot other things including our WMLF Europe and WMLF Europe Directors page as well as our sponsors and partners which are located at the bottom of the home page. Visit the site tonight, take a look around and let us know your thoughts!


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