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OH CANADA!!! Phil Costantini Named WMLF

OH CANADA!!! Phil Costantini Named WMLF Canada Director!
March 26, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – Shortly after the phone conference ended and the formation of WMLF Canada complete the task of naming a director of the new territory was at hand. Those that were in on the call would say that it didn’t take long before Phil Costantini was named unanimously as the Director of WMLF Canada.
Phil Costantini, a.k.a. Coach Cosz by his players and just about everyone that knows him, has been a driving force in the formation of WMLF Canada.
“Coach Cosz has the same core values that we all have here in WMLF,” Commissioner Dickerman exclaimed. “He’s very passionate about the game and wants to spread the culture of American football to our neighbors up north!”
“I can’t tell you just how excited I am to have Coach Cosz on board!” Deputy Commissioner Pinckney started. “He has a work ethic that you don’t see in a lot of people.” Coach Cosz is also the head coach of the Steel City Patriots and it’s been said that the entire organization is very excited for Coach Cosz.
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