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World Minor League Football Invades Cana

World Minor League Football Invades Canada and Forms WMLF Canada!
March 26, 2013. Hilton Head, SC – In a phone conference with the Board of Directors of World Minor League Football, a very special event took place that is continuing to make history. WMLF Canada was born!!!
“Words can’t express just how excited we are that this is happening,” an elated Commissioner Dickerman exclaimed. “Six months ago, if anyone were to tell me that WMLF would have a European brand as well as forming a Canadian brand I would probably say that you’re crazy! Now look at us! This is what happens when you put in hard work and treat others with the respect that they richly deserve!”
“All this started with a conversation about how other leagues don’t honor their commitments to teams,” Expansion Director, Matt Hill said. “And from there things started flowing with one Canadian team and next thing we knew WMLF Canada is formed!”
The forming of WMLF Canada isn’t without controversy. Another league stated that they were forming a Canadian branch that would more than likely involve some of the teams forming WMLF Canada. That rumor was put to rest quickly.
“We won’t say what league that did that, nor will we talk bad about them,” Deputy Commissioner Leroy Pinckney Jr. stated. “All we will say, and I think I can speak for the entire WMLF family, is that we are doing everything we can to help our family teams be successes both on AND off the field. “
With the forming of WMLF Canada, WMLF Europe Director William White has expressed the hopes of having a WMLF Canada All-Stars vs WMLF European All-Stars game. Something that both sides said would be a fun and exciting game and would help expose US fans to talents outside the country!
With the deadline to apply to become a member in the ever growing family known as WMLF, you still have time to apply. To do so simply go to the official WMLF website at or contact Expansion Director Matt Hill at or Deputy Commission Leroy Pinckney Jr. at


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